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FlexyPin Adapter – RFM9x

by Solder Party

These boards allow you to use various modules with a breadboard (and more) without having to solder the module in place. Just add FlexyPins!

It's a great way to create testing/flashing jigs, or just experiment with the module without the commitment of soldering it.

⚠ Please note that FlexyPins and adapter modules are sold separately! ⚠  

What you get

  • FlexyPin Adapter PCB
  • 15mm long break-away 2.54mm pin headers
  • Raspberry Pi Pico adaptor only
    • Nylon standoffs
    • A reset button (requires soldering)
    • footprint for the standard Cortex 10-pin debugging connector

Links to code and documentation


  • If purchasing the ESP8266MOD adaptor here are many other similar ESP8266 modules that might have different marking, to make sure your module is compatible with this adapter, compare your module's pinout and dimensions to the ESP-12 datasheet available here.
  • There is a pin labelling error on the current batch of ESP32-S2-SOLO/ESP32-S3- WROOM adaptors - see this issue for details.