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exhi:bit prototyping system for micro:bit

by Proto-PIC

Although the micro:bit is a wonderful platform, the classroom management and the workshop management of all the supporting accessories is a challenge. Enter the exhi:bit – a prototyping and development system for the BBC micro:bit.

Proto-PIC wanted to create a system where a student could go from a prototype board to a finished, more permanent project seamlessly. But importantly, they wanted to create a system where the main workhorse parts could be reused time and time again.

Exhi:bit has an edge connector socket which the micro:bit plugs into. As soon as the micro:bit is plugged in, you are ready to start creating.

Exhi:bit has all the micro:bit pins broken out to header connectors, for connection to plugin exhi:bit daughter boards and plugin classroom project boards, but also to generous pads on the edge of the board – so you can connect to your project with conductive thread, banana jacks or crocodile clips.

A generous prototyping area is provided for users who wish to create permanent projects, directly onto the exhi:bit or you can use a DIY Daughter board to easily swap projects


simply add a half size breadboard (not included) to prototype your circuit.

All of the circuits you create on your exhi:bit can be powered by using a 5-9V DC power supply (not included) or the micro USB port. The micro USB port isn’t intended for programming the micro:bit – they just provided it as a convenient way to power the board. The on-board regulator ensures the voltage is micro:bit friendly. Proto-PIC have now added a raw pin so you can tap the RAW voltage for your devices.

How many times have you opened your drawer to find a board and had no idea what it was for? Three areas on the exhi:bit are provided for taking notes using a sharpie marker or similar, so you can keep track of which project is on which board – or which student has created the project.

A range of classroom project plug in modules for the exhi:bit will be released soon.

This is the second revision of the exhi:bit, Proto-PIC have removed entirely the acrylic plates and stand offs and instead included 4 rubber feet. They now no longer include the breadboard as many people had requested this in order to lower the cost as they already owned a breadboard. They’ve also added a raw pad to the board so you can power a device directly from the input before it goes through the regulator circuit.