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Arcade Parts Kit

by Pimoroni

This handy dandy Arcade Parts Kit has all the components you need to build your own DIY arcade machine: joystick, ten buttons, and wiring loom. Just add a Picade X HAT or Player X USB as the controller.

Building your own arcade machine, or need to reboot an old arcade cabinet? This kit all the bits you need, except the brains! The joystick, buttons, and wiring loom work perfectly with both our Picade X HAT for Raspberry Pi, and Player X USB Games Controller PCB, so just pick whichever suits your needs best, and PEW PEW away you go...

Kit contents

  • Clicky joystick with black ball top (with 5-pin connector)
  • 10x 30mm push-fit arcade buttons (4x black, 2x yellow, 2x pink, 2x blue)
  • Wiring loom

Joystick specifications

  • 35mm black ball top
  • Black dust cover
  • 8-way square restrictor gate
  • 9mm diameter, 36mm tall shaft 
  • 5-pin connector
  • More information here