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2-pin Picoblade-compatible cables for Grow pumps etc (pack of 3) – Male-Male

Flexible white two pin cables with Molex Picoblade compatible 1.25mm connectors, useful for connecting pumps or other low current devices to Grow HAT Mini.

We stock these cables in two flavours, male-male and male-female. The ones with a male connector on both ends are useful for hooking low current devices up to the MOSFET equipped ports on Grow HAT Mini (if your device doesn't have this connector you can snip one end off one of these cables, and solder the wires to your device directly). The male-female ones can be used as extenders for the cables that come attached to our mini pumps, in case you need to position them further away.


Connectors: Molex Picoblade-compatible - 2P 1.25mm pitch

Length: 1m