Grow – Grow Kit

by Pimoroni

A compact Raspberry Pi powered monitoring system designed to help you take the best possible care of your plants. It will tell you how well they're hydrated, attract your attention when they need water and, if you want to go a step further, even give them water!

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While stocks last, buy a Grow Herb Kit or a Grow Chilli Kit and get an extra pack of seeds, pots and soil absolutely FREE!

Automatic, systematic and hydromatic!

The heart of this clever system is the Grow HAT Mini. This Raspberry Pi Mini HAT has a tiny screen to keep an eye on the state of the system, four tactile buttons for navigation and an on-board piezo buzzer to politely request your attention when your plants need you. There's also a light sensor, which we've used in our code example to stop the alarm from chirping away at night. We've covered the PCB in little gold flowers, because we love you. šŸŒ»

There are three connectors on board to attach our capacitive moisture sensors, so you can measure the moisture levels in three separate pots. Because there are no exposed electrodes, capacitive sensors are a lot less vulnerable to corrosion over time than old school resistive sensors. They even have a little area so you can label them with plant names (we think 'Pete' is a great plant name).

On the back of the Grow HAT Mini there are another three connectors that will let you turn low-current 5v devices on and off, like pumps, motors, valves, solenoids or lights. There's also a set of broken out I2C connections, perfect for adding on an I2C breakout (like those in our Breakout Garden range). Being able to add on more sensors and interface with extra devices means that it's possible to level up your budding Grow system to something much more capable and sophisticated - a proper little smart greenhouse for your desktop (or your spaceship, classroom or apocalyptic bunker!)

Grow Kit Includes:

  • Grow HAT Mini
  • 3 x Moisture Sensor
  • 3 x Moisture Sensor Cable (35cm)

We also have two kits that come bundled with seed packs, herbs and chillis.Ā Please note that some countries have customs restrictions on the import of seeds! If you're outside of the UK we'd suggest checking your local import laws before ordering aĀ Herb or Chilli Pack, orĀ you could always orderĀ the plain Grow Kit and source your own seeds locally.

Grow Kit + Herb Pack Includes:

  • Grow HAT Mini
  • 3 x Moisture Sensor
  • 3 x Moisture Sensor Cable (35cm).
  • 3 x Mini Terracotta Pot
  • 3 x CocopressĀ® "Soil" Pellets
  • 1 x Basil Seed Pack
  • 1 x Coriander Seed Pack
  • 1 x Rosemary Seed Pack

Grow Kit + Chilli Pack Includes:

  • Grow HAT Mini
  • 3 x Moisture Sensor
  • 3 x Moisture Sensor Cable (35cm).
  • 3 x Mini Terracotta Pot
  • 3 x CocopressĀ® "Soil" Pellets
  • 1 x JalapeƱo (~3,000 Scovilles) Seed Pack
  • 1 x Serrano (~25,000 Scovilles) Seed Pack
  • 1 x Cayenne Long Slim (~45,000 Scovilles) Seed Pack


If you'd like to incorporate auto-watering into your setup, you can find teeny pumps and tubing under 'Extras'.

If you're planning on using Grow with a Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero 2 W it will need to have a 40 pin headerĀ soldered (or hammered) on.

Grow HAT Mini specifications:

  • IPS LCD (0.96" 160x80 pixels) screen
  • Four tactile buttons
  • Piezo buzzer
  • LTR-559 light and proximity sensor (datasheet)
  • 3 x JST SH 3P connectors for capacitive moisture sensors
  • 3 x Picoblade 2P-compatible connectors with MOSFETs for turning low current 5v devices on and off.
  • Pimoroni breakout-compatible pin header
  • Mini HAT-format board
  • Fully assembled
  • Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
  • Schematic
  • Pinout
  • Python library
  • Dimensions: 66mm x 31mm x 10mm (including header)

Moisture sensor specifications:


As well as the usual examples in the Python library to show you how the individual bits of hardware work, we've also put together a full plant monitor application so you can start taking care of your plants straight away. We've even managed to fit a little UI in there, so you can change your settings directly from the HAT.

Check out our beginner friendly Getting Started tutorial or get going super fast with the one line installer:

curl -sSL | bash

You might also be interested in taking a look at our auto-watering tutorial.


  • It's possible to use Grow moisture sensors without the HAT with non-Raspberry Pi devices (like Arduino), as long as they're capable of monitoring pulses on an IO pin in the range of ~2Hz up to ~30Hz accurately.