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LilyPad LED (5pcs)

This is a simple pack of five Red LilyPad LEDs that are still attached to one another, letting you snap the LEDs apart at your leisure to sew into clothing or whatever else you can dream up.

  • Red  DEV-14013


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  • Yellow  DEV-14014


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MyoWare LED Shield   DEV-13688

The MyoWare LED Shield is designed to pair with the MyoWare Muscle Sensor. The blue 10-segment bar graph shows the magnitude of the measured signal. The more muscle activation measured, the higher up the board the lit LEDs will go.


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LilyPad Pixel Board   DEV-13264

We know you love adding color to your e-textiles, adding the LilyPad Pixel Board to your project will only make it better. The pixel board is equipped with a WS2812B which is actually an RGB LED with a WS2811 built right into the LED!


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Teensy Prop Shield With Motion Sensors   TEENSY PROP_SHIELD

Designed to pair the awesome Teensy 3.2 or Teensy LC the Prop Shield is meant for making interactive light and sound effects on small handheld props and wearable costumes.


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Sparkles (strip of 5)   CRM-002

These LEDs can be set to any colour by the Crumble.


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Kitronik Sewable LEDs (pack of 10)

These ultra slim, pre-mounted e-textile LEDs from Kitronik are illuminated continuously when powered.

  • Red  KIT 2712


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  • Blue  KIT 2713


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  • White  KIT 2714


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  • Green  KIT 2723


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