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Kitronik sewable tilt switch   KIT 2710

These sewable tilt switches from Kitronik can be used to activate your e-textiles project when it is tilted.


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Kitronik sewable slide switch   KIT 2709

This sewable two position miniature slide switch is perfect for wearables projects.


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Kitronik Sewable push switch   KIT 2708

These sewable push switches from Kitronik passes power to your wearable project while the button is pressed.


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Kitronik Magnetic Switch & Magnet   KIT 2720

These sewable magnetic switches from Kitronik can be used to switch on LEDs when the magnet is placed near the switch.


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Kitronik switched coin cell holder   KIT 2711

This specially designed e-textiles coin cell holder is the easiest way to get power to your wearable project


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Kitronik Sewable LEDs (pack of 10)

These ultra slim, pre-mounted e-textile LEDs from Kitronik are illuminated continuously when powered.

  • Red  KIT 2712


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  • Blue  KIT 2713


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  • White  KIT 2714


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  • Green  KIT 2723


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