Wearables / Crumble

Switched Battery Box  /CRM-007

3 AA battery box with croc-clip-friendly connection points and built-in resettable fuse to protect against short-circuits.

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Crumble Starter Kit  /CRM-001

The Crumble is an easy-to-use programmable controller. It can drive 2 motors forwards and backwards at variable speeds. It has 4 IO (Input/Output) pads which allow connections to switches, LDRs, low power LEDs and so on.

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Crumble Controller  /CRM-004

The Crumble is a cheap, easy-to-use electronics controller. A few ‘croc’ leads and a USB cable are all you need to connect motors, LEDs and sensors and begin experimenting.

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Crocodile Leads (set of 10)  /CRM-005

Five pairs of crocodile leads (red, black, green, yellow and white) with plastic insulated 35mm crocodile clips at each end.

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