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No workshop is complete without an array of tools. We've picked out the best of everything; from heavy duty scissors, test equipment and all the bits you need to start soldering.

Essential Electronics Toolkit  /IFIX EU145348-2

Get started in electronics repair with all the bits and precision tools to handle your most urgent screen breaks and battery swaps. Upgrade your home DIY toolkit with what you need to service door knobs, home appliances, eyeglasses, and more!

£18 £15 ex. VAT
8 in stock

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit  /IFIX EU145307-4

High Performance Toolkit for All Things Repair

£57 £47.50 ex. VAT
10 in stock

iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit  /IFIX EU145299-4

The ultimate high-performance bit kit

£27 £22.50 ex. VAT
15 in stock

Macro Bit Set  /IFIX EU145220

Standard and Rare Bits for Standard and Rare Jobs

£27 £22.50 ex. VAT
1 left

Universal 1/4" Driver Handle  /IFIX EU145287

The classiest quarter-inch screwdriver you'll ever own

£11.50 £9.58 ex. VAT
18 in stock

Metal Spudger Set  /IFIX EU145017

Pry, scrape, probe, and poke like a pro.

£7 £5.83 ex. VAT
10 in stock

iFixit Jimmy  /IFIX EU145259

The Ultimate Device Opener

£7 £5.83 ex. VAT
11 in stock

iFixit Spudger  /IFIX EU145002

Safely poke and pry just about anything.

£2.50 £2.08 ex. VAT
In stock