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We've curated a collection of everything you need for your tinkering needs. Here you'll find sensors, displays, speakers, power supplies, wireless doodads, prototyping sundries and more.


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Silicone Band (pack of 10)   COM1800

Quickly tidy cables away with these handy little silicone bands!


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exhi:bit Prototyping system for micro:bit   PPMB00101

exhi:bit is a prototyping and development system for the BBC micro:bit that allows Makers or students to go seamlessly from a prototype to a finished, more permanent project.


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Moon Buggy Wheels - Pair   COM1400

This is a super-grippy, bright and friendly set of wheels designed for our micro metal gearmotors.


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Basic Sumo Blade for Zumo Chassis   POLOLU 1410

This 0.036″-thick stainless steel plate can be mounted to the front of the Zumo chassis to create a slanted, bulldozer-like blade for pushing around objects, such as other mini-sumo robots.


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Maker Paste   ICB97100

Maker Paste is a high quality, low cost prototyping solder paste. The lead free metal content is a mix of tin and copper. 


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Switched Battery Box   CRM-007

3 AA battery box with croc-clip-friendly connection points and built-in resettable fuse to protect against short-circuits.


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SparkFun Photon ProtoShield   DEV-13598

You can’t have any development board without some sort of prototyping area, the SparkFun Photon ProtoShield takes care of this. This ProtoShield mates easily with your Photon module and provides a small soldering area and separated power and I2C hook-ups. With the SparkFun Photon ProtoShield you have the control over what kind of project you design for your Photon.


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Mini Mountable Analog Joystick   COM-B003

If you want to be a smooth operator then analog input is essential! This mini operators' joystick uses two 10KΩ potentiometers and a spring-back system for the X and Y axes making it a great input device for many robotics projects


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