Sewable Battery Board

A lightweight, sewable battery board that's great for paper and fabric engineering projects. Works with CR2032 coin cell batteries.


Sewable Heart LEDs

A four pack of sewable, heart-shaped bright pink LEDs.


Sewable Star LEDs

A four pack of sewable, star-shaped bright blue LEDs.



Just in time for Halloween, we've found the spookiest GhostLED!


Shivers the Penguin

Introducing "Shivers" the penguin. Comes with eco-felt penguin pieces to assemble plushie penguin and electronic parts to sew a shivering circuit inside. Motionboard is activated when you squeeze him!


Sewable Multicolour LEDs

Two diamond-shaped, sewable LED boards that are colour-changeable! They can be connected to light up in red, blue, green, or any combination of those colours!


Fabtronic Sewing Set

Enter the world of e-textiles and wearables with custom reusable parts that allow you to make and remake as many times as you want! 


Sewable Light Sensor Board

The Teknikio Light Sensor Board is the easiest way to activate your sewable projects with light.


Activating Origami Set

By adding simple circuits to paper sculptures you can instantly animate them and create unique sculptures.


Sewable Motionboard (Vibrating Motor)

A tiny, vibrating motor, easily attachable to paper or fabric! Just connect 3-5V across it, polarity doesn't matter, and it'll BUUUUZZZZZZ!!!