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SparkFun sell the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. No matter what your vision is, their products and resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person.

SparkFun ESP32 Thing Motion Shield  /DEV-14430

The SparkFun ESP32 Thing Motion Shield is a versatile, motion-sensing addition to the ESP32 Thing.

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SparkFun ESP32 Thing Power Control Shield  /DEV-14155

The SparkFun ESP32 Thing Power Control Shield enables the ESP32 Thing to switch up to 5A of a DC load, providing a wide variety of options to control your next project!

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SparkFun Ardumoto Shield Kit  /KIT-14180

Robots are fun, and Arduinos are easy. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were a kit that included everything you need to get your Arduino device set up to control a simple two-motor-circuit buddy?

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SparkFun Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield  /DEV-14129

The Ardumoto Shield is a dual-motor controller for Arduino. Based on the L298 H-bridge, the SparkFun Ardumoto can drive two DC motors up to 2A per channel. Combined with an Arduino, the Ardumoto makes a fantastic controller platform for RC vehicles or even small autonomous robots.

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SparkFun Photon Weather Shield  /DEV-13630

The SparkFun Photon Weather Shield is an easy to use add-on board that grants you access to barometric pressure, relative humidity, and temperature. There are also connections on this shield to optional sensors such as wind speed, direction, rain gauge and soil readings!

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SparkFun Photon Wearable Shield  /DEV-13842

The SparkFun Photon Wearable Shield makes it easy to add the WiFi-enabled Photon to any wearables project. Each pin on the Photon is broken out into large sewing pins. Use conductive thread to make your next wearables projects.

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CAN-BUS Shield  /DEV-13262

The CAN-BUS Shield provides your Arduino or Redboard with CAN-BUS capabilities and allows you to hack your vehicle.

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SparkFun Music Instrument Shield  /DEV-10587

Do you ever wish your Arduino was more musically talented? Or maybe your project could use some cool sound effects. The SparkFun Musical Instrument Shield is an easy way to add great sounding MIDI sound to your next Arduino project.

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Go-Between Shield  /DEV-11002

You hear it all the time in the Arduino community, “will this shield work with my other shield?.” I think we’ve all been disappointed to find that two of our favorite shields compete for control of a digital pin here or a serial pin there. While there are sometimes some clever workarounds from elegant code modifications to aggressive ‘greenwiring,’ Mayhew Labs may have come up with the simplest solution thus far: The Go-Between Shield.

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pyXY - Synapse SM700 Dev Board  /WRL-11176

It may look like a regular ol' Arduino shield, but don’t be fooled, the pyXY (pronounced ‘pixie’) is a full blown shield-compatible development board.

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