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SparkFun sell the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. No matter what your vision is, their products and resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person.

Clear Plastic Knob  /COM-10597

This plastic knob accepts a 6mm shaft and has a 15mm outer diameter.

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Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm)  /COM-09288

An adjustable potentiometer can open up many interesting user interfaces. Turn the pot and the resistance changes.

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ESP32 Thing Stackable Header Set  /PRT-14311

These headers are made to work with the SparkFun ESP32 Thing and ESP32 Power Control Shield boards. Each set of headers makes your ESP32 Thing easily stackable with the Power Control Shield or other applications.

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Dot/Bar Display Driver - LM3914 (Linear)  /COM-12694

This is the LM3914 Dot/Bar display analog-controlled LED driver that uses an alinear output scale. With this driver all it takes is a single, analog signal to drive a string of 10+ LEDs, which can be configured into either bar mode (where all LEDs below a certain point turn on) or dot mode (with only a single LED on at a time). Hook them up properly, and you can create all sorts of nifty multi-LED displays.

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Mini Speaker - PC Mount 12mm 2.048kHz  /COM-07950

This is a small 12mm round speaker that operates around the audible 2kHz range. You can use these speakers to create simple music or user interfaces.

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Thermistor 10K  /SEN-00250

10K thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient. Good choice for temp-sensing applications.

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Light to Frequency Converter - TSL235R  /SEN-09768

The TSL235R light-to-frequency converter outputs a square wave (50% duty cycle) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity (irradiance). The device has been temperature compensated for the ultraviolet-to-visible light range of 320 nm to 700 nm and responds over the light range of 320 nm to 1050 nm.

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Dot/Bar Display Driver - LM3916 (VU Taper)  /COM-12695

This is the LM3916 Dot/Bar display analog-controlled LED driver that uses a more logarithmic/VU scale, which makes it well-suited to audio applications like VU meters.

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Piezo Vibration Sensor - Large with Mass  /SEN-09197

This basic piezo sensor from Measurement Specialties is often used for flex, touch, vibration and shock measurements. A small AC and large voltage (up to +/-90V) is created when the film moves back and forth. A simple resistor should get the voltage down to ADC levels. Can also be used for impact sensing or a flexible switch.

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Slide Potentiometer Knob  /COM-09120

This is the knob that connects to the linear slide potentiometer. Knob has a nice friction fit onto slide.

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