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Raspberry Pi Zero Heatsink – 6mm (works with HATs)

If your Pi 3 / Pi Zero / Yukon project is particularly resource-hungry then it may run a little hot. Cool it down with this nifty little heatsink!

Simply remove the backing from the pre-applied thermal tape and stick it on top of the main processor chip on your Raspberry Pi. We've even left a window in our Pibow 3 Coupé case lid to accommodate it!

You can also use these heatsinks with Pimoroni Yukon to cool modules that are drawing lots of power. We'd suggest using the extra tall 14mm version for this, for maximum cooling. 🍦

If you want to use HAT boards (or other GPIO addons) with your Raspberry Pi then make sure you pick the 6mm option as this will not clash!

  • 14.5mm x 14.5mm (in 6mm, 7.5mm and 14mm heights)
  • Ideal for use with Raspberry Pi 3 / Zero / Zero W / Zero 2 W / Yukon
  • Matte black finish
  • Made from anodised aluminium
  • Comes with pre-applied thermal tape for easy installation
  • Anodised non-conductive coating