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Raspberry Pi

The little British computer that's taken the world by storm. With the largest community of Makers and hobbyists there's tons of great projects, ideas, and support just a search away. It packs a mighty punch with a quad-core processor and one gigabyte of RAM.

Raspberry Pi

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Pibow for Raspberry Pi (2 & B+)

Pibow. The most stylish, add-on friendly, and protective case for the Raspberry Pi!

  • Rainbow  PIM007


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  • Ninja  PIM008


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  • Tangerine  PIM097


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Adafruit Pi Case   ADA1326

This beautiful clear case from Adafruit protects your Raspberry Pi while still giving you access to all ports and a clear view of the Pi itself!


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Cyntech Model B Raspberry Pi case   CYNRASPBERRY

This compact, low-cost case is tailored to fit the Raspberry Pi Model B board and provides openings for all the connectors.


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Model B Pibow

The all-new Pibow for the Model B Raspberry Pi, redesigned with add-on boards in mind.

  • Rainbow  PIM001


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  • Ninja  PIM002


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  • Coupé  PIM006


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PiTFT Pibow for Raspberry Pi B   PIM005

What could be better than Adafruit's PiTFT than Adafruit's PiTFT nestled in this handsome midnight-blue enclosure?


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Pibow PiTFT+   PIM118

Support and protect your PiTFT+ and Raspberry Pi with this stylish and unique case!


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Pibow ModelA for RPi A   PIM004

The Model A is ideal for hackers and makers and those wanting the original $25 computer on their robot, quadcopter or high altitude balloon.


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