The new Raspberry Pi 3+ - Click here to grab one - 1.4GHz CPU Quad Core - 300Mbp/s ethernet - Dual-band wireless

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Kits, cases, and accessories for the new, faster Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit

A lot of fun squeeezed into a tiny computer! Everything* you need to to get started with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, plus a friendly getting started guide.


Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Essentials Kit

A Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and all the essentials. This bundle includes the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Pibow Coupé case, 16GB NOOBs microSD card, power supply, and a sticker!


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

The latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ has a faster 64-bit 1.4GHz quad core processor, 1GB of RAM, faster dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2, and significantly faster 300Mbit/s ethernet.


Official Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply

The official Raspberry Pi power supply (PSU) is shipped with easily interchangeable heads for the UK, US, EU and Australia meaning you can now use your Pi in all four corners of the world!


Black HDMI cable

Available in classic black these HDMI cables are the perfect accessory for your Raspberry Pi (and Pibow)!


NOOBS 16GB microSD card (2.7)

This handy little 16GB microSD card comes with an SD adaptor and NOOBS already installed. Perfect for a Raspberry Pi beginner and convenient for those with more experience


Slim Chiclet Keyboard

A compact wired keyboard with Chiclet style key layout. This is by far our favourite little keyboard for toting around with a Raspberry Pi!