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Our fine crew of Pirates, Monkeys, Robots and Ninjas have been trading tech treasure to tinkerers from sunny Sheffield-on-Sea for five years!

Pimoroni Super Sticker Selection  /PIM282

Stickers! Use them on your Pibow, your laptop, your notebook or your bedroom door!

£5 £4.17 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Cable

These cables are perfect for connecting your Flotilla modules to the Dock, and the Dock to your computer. They're high-spec cables, designed specifically to deal with the higher currents that the Flotilla components can draw, and we've even stamped the Flotilla logo onto the moulded plastic connectors.

10cm  /CAB0701

£2 £1.67 ex. VAT
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25cm  /CAB0702

£2.50 £2.08 ex. VAT
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50cm  /CAB0703

£3 £2.50 ex. VAT
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Dock  /CAB0700

£4 £3.33 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Dock  /PIM038

The Flotilla Dock is the heart of the Flotilla system. It talks, through serial USB, to all of the Flotilla modules connected to its eight ports. Connect it to your Raspberry Pi with a good quality USB A to micro B cable, and then connect your Flotilla modules to the eight ports with Flotilla cables.

£18.50 £15.42 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Slider  /PIM037

The Slider module is a slide potentiometer which has five bright white LEDs that illuminate as the slider is moved. It's perfect for using as a synth controller or for controlling the speed of your robot.

£6.50 £5.42 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Motor  /PIM036

The Motor module is a 298:1 ratio motor that has full speed control, and is bi-directional. It's perfect for driving robots, as a tiny fan, or in LEGO® projects. We have a LEGO® compatible axle adaptor available too!

£13.50 £11.25 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Dial  /PIM035

The Dial module is... a dial! It has a rotary potentiometer and five bright white LEDs that illuminate as the dial is turned.

£6 £5 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Joystick  /PIM034

The Joystick module is an analog joystick with a click button. It's ideal for using as a game controller, or to control a robot.

£7 £5.83 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Light  /PIM033

The Light module detects ambient light level. It's ideal for use in a weather station, keeping track of light levels in your greenhouse, or reminding you when you've left the lights on in your house.

£5 £4.17 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Matrix  /PIM032

The Matrix module is an 8x8 white LED matrix. It's perfect for scrolling text on, displaying simple animations like smiley faces, or using as a tiny marble maze.

£9 £7.50 ex. VAT
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