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Breadboard Base for Pibow   PIM086

Want to carry your Pi and project around together? Say hello to the Pibow Breadboard base!


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B+ Pibow upgrade layer

Need to upgrade your beautiful B+ Pibow to work with your new Raspberry Pi 2? This layer is all you need!

  • Rainbow  PIM078


    14 in stock
  • Ninja  PIM079


    35 in stock
  • Coupé  PIM080


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PiTFT Pibow for Raspberry Pi B   PIM005

What could be better than Adafruit's PiTFT than Adafruit's PiTFT nestled in this handsome midnight-blue enclosure?


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Model B Pibow

The all-new Pibow for the Model B Raspberry Pi, redesigned with add-on boards in mind.

  • Rainbow  PIM001


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  • Ninja  PIM002


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  • Coupé  PIM006


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