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Scroll pHAT   PIM136

Please check out our Scroll pHAT HD which has more than twice as many pixels for the new version of this product!



Micro Dot pHAT

An unashamedly old school LED matrix display board, made up of six LED matrices each 5x7 pixels (for an effective display area of 30x7) plus a decimal point, using the beautiful little Lite-On LTP-305 matrices.

Pan-Tilt HAT

Ideal for a mini CCTV system, this set of horizontal and vertical motion servos will give you Pi camera movement with a minimum of fuss.


OnOff SHIM   PIM269

Add a tiny yet convenient power switch to your Pi with OnOff SHIM!


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Picade Console   PIM106

Stylish, retro, and fun arcade controls for your Raspberry Pi.


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Picade Wiring Loom   PIM109

Originally designed to connect the Picade controller board to the joystick and arcade buttons, the Picade wiring loom is now available for all of your prototyping needs.


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Picade - BYO Screen   PIM112

A stylish, retro, and fun arcade cabinet with no screen for your Raspberry Pi.


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