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5 Port Gigabit Network Switch   TL-SG1005D

Increase the speed of your network server and backbone connections, or make Gigabit to the desktop a reality.


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Cat5e UTP Ethernet Cable

Great value, high quality network cable

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Official Raspberry Pi WiFi dongle   RPI-002

This is the official Raspberry Pi WiFi dongle offering the best possible WiFi performance for its diminutive size.


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XBee 2mW RP-SMA - Series 2 (ZigBee Mesh)   WRL-10416

This is the XBee XB24-Z7SIT-004 module from Digi. Series 2 modules allow you to create complex mesh networks based on the XBee ZB ZigBee mesh firmware.



RN-XV WiFly Module - Wire Antenna   WRL-10822

The RN-XV module by Roving Networks is a certified Wi-Fi solution especially designed for customer who want to migrate their existing 802.15.4 architecture to a standard TCP/IP based platform without having to redesign their existing hardware.


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