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The micro:bit is a pocket-sized, codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display, and Bluetooth. Browse our range of micro:bit add-ons, kits, and bundles.

USB A to microB cable - Red

High quality, power friendly and colourful USB A to Micro-B cables

10cm  /CAB0229

£2 £1.67 ex. VAT
In stock

25cm  /CAB0233

£2.30 £1.92 ex. VAT
In stock

50cm  /CAB0230

£2.50 £2.08 ex. VAT
26 in stock

1m  /CAB0231

£3 £2.50 ex. VAT
In stock

2m  /CAB0232

£4 £3.33 ex. VAT
44 in stock