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exhi:bit prototyping system for micro:bit /PPMB00101

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exhi:bit is a prototyping and development system for the micro:bit that allows Makers or students to go seamlessly from a prototype to a finished, more permanent project.

    Plug your micro:bit into the edge connector socket on exhi:bit and you're ready to start creating! All of the micro:bit pins are broken out to header connectors and generous pads on the edge of the board - so you can connect to your project with jumper jerky, conductive thread, banana jacks, or crocodile clips.


    • edge connector socket to connect your micro:bit
    • micro:bit pins broken out to headers and pads
    • use jumper jerky, conductive thread, banana jacks, or croc. clips
    • breadboard for temporary projects
    • prototyping area for permanent projects
    • powered via 5-9V barrel jack power supply (not included), or micro USB
    • area for notes

    Use the prototyping area to create permanent projects or the breadboard for more temporary ones.

    You can use a 5-9V DC power supply (not included) to power your circuits or the microB USB port (it can't be used to program the micro:bit, just to supply power!)

    There's even a handy area for writing notes on, with a Sharpie or similar marker, so that you know exactly what your project is, or who created it!