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Quad Bilateral Switch

This neat little package contains four SPST analog switches. Dead useful controlling things like audio output with a micro-controller. Read more...

  • COM0209
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Optoisolator - 1 Channel

This is an opto-isolator for controlling large loads of current on a single channel. This 4-pin dip can be used in conjunction with relays, small motors, etc. to allow a simple microcontroller to turn on and off up to 50mA. Read more...

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Octal Bus Tranceiver with 3-state output

Logic Family HCT Input Level TTL Output Level CMOS Output Type 3-State Supply Current - Max 8 uA High Level Output Current - 6 mA Low Level Output Current 6 mA Propagation Delay Time 25 ns Package/Case PDIP-20 Mounting Style Through Hole Number of Channels 8 Operating Supply Voltage 4.5 V to 5.5 V Operating Temperature Range - 40 C to + 85 C Polarity Non-Inverting Product Standard Transceiver Series SN74HCT245 (datasheet) Read more...

  • COM0214
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