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Unicorn HAT HD  /PIM273

We've stepped up our LED game! Unicorn HAT HD crams 256 RGB LEDs, in a 16x16 matrix, onto a single HAT. High-definition rainbow goodness!

£32 £26.67 ex. VAT
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Four Letter pHAT  /PIM266

Use Four Letter pHAT to display... four letter words. Not that sort!

£10 £8.33 ex. VAT
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Scroll Bot - Pi Zero W Project Kit  /PIM260

A robot friend to sit on your desk and scroll the news, weather, or your Twitter feed - Scroll Bot!

£35 £29.17 ex. VAT
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Scroll pHAT HD  /PIM268

What if Scroll pHAT had twice times as many pixels and individual pixel brightness control? Scroll pHAT HD, that's what!!

£12 £10 ex. VAT
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LTP-305 LED matrix (pair)

The Lite-On LTP-305 LED matrices have quite a heritage! They were first developed in 1971 by Texas Instruments, but subsequently have been manufactured by Lite-On.

Red  /COM0509

£5 £4.17 ex. VAT
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Green  /COM0510

£5 £4.17 ex. VAT
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MyoWare LED Shield  /DEV-13688

The MyoWare LED Shield is designed to pair with the MyoWare Muscle Sensor. The blue 10-segment bar graph shows the magnitude of the measured signal. The more muscle activation measured, the higher up the board the lit LEDs will go.

£26 £21.67 ex. VAT
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Micro Dot pHAT

An unashamedly old school LED matrix display board, made up of six LED matrices each 5x7 pixels (for an effective display area of 30x7) plus a decimal point, using the beautiful little Lite-On LTP-305 matrices.

Full kit - Green  /PIM187

£22 £18.33 ex. VAT
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Full kit - Red  /PIM186

£22 £18.33 ex. VAT
21 in stock

pHAT only  /PIM182

£8 £6.67 ex. VAT
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£5 £4.17 ex. VAT
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£5 £4.17 ex. VAT
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Adafruit 15x7 CharliePlex LED Matrix Display FeatherWing

You wont be able to look away from the mesmerizing patterns created by this Adafruit 15x7 CharliePlex LED Matrix Display FeatherWing.

Red  /ADA3134

£10.50 £8.75 ex. VAT
13 in stock

Yellow  /ADA3135

£11.50 £9.58 ex. VAT
14 in stock

Green  /ADA3136

£11.50 £9.58 ex. VAT
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Blue  /ADA3137

£11.50 £9.58 ex. VAT
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White  /ADA3138

£13.50 £11.25 ex. VAT
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