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Adafruit I2S Stereo Decoder - UDA1334A Breakout  /ADA3678

This fully-featured UDA1334A I2S Stereo DAC breakout is a perfect match for any I2S-output audio interface. It's affordable but sounds great!

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The ultimate audio add-on for your Pi! pHAT BEAT gives you high-quality, digital, amplified, stereo audio and 16 beautiful little RGB LEDs, in two rows of 8, that are ideal as a VU meter, and 6 buttons to control your audio.

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Adafruit I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Breakout - MAX98357A  /ADA3006

Listen to this good news - we now have an all in one digital audio amp breakout board that works incredibly well with the Raspberry Pi! If you're looking for an easy and low cost way to get you digital sound files bumpin' then the MAX08357 I2S Amp Breakout is for you.

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Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit - v1.1  /ADA94

Adding quality audio to an electronic project is surprisingly difficult. Here is a shield for Arduinos that solves this problem.

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