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XT30 Adapter Cables – XT30 with Leads

These XT30-compatible cables are great for supplying power to high-power boards like Pimoroni Yukon.

We also sell mating XT30 connectors.


CAB0244 CAB0245
Description XT30 socket connector to tinned silicone-coated wire XT30 socket to XT60 plug adapter cable
Wire length 25cm 5cm
Continuous current 15A
Peak current 30A
Wire gauge 14 AWG

Why not try it with Yukon?

Looking for a controller for your project? Yukon is a high-power modular robotics and engineering platform, built around RP2040 and designed to drive the most ambitious robots, props and devices.

Yukon is a standalone controller that can be equipped with up to six interchangeable modules capable of driving high-powered hardware - this is made possible by the unique pin capabilities of Raspberry Pi's multitalented RP2040 chip. This flexibility means you can drive many unique combinations of motors, servos, steppers, speakers, LED strips and more, all from a single Yukon host!