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WOWSTICK 1F+ Precision Electric Screwdriver Set

by Wowstick

With 56 different bits, LED illumination and a ton of extras, this cordless electric screwdriver makes electronic repairs a breeze.

It has a sleek, space grey aluminium body, handy LED lights for lighting up dark crevices and the inbuilt lipo battery gives you up to 8 hours of working time between charges. As well as 56 different magnetisable bits, you also get a nifty desk stand, a carrying case and a magnetised project mat to keep track of all those tiny little screws. Wowsticks!

56pcs Screwdriver Bits

  • (4x28mm) Screwdriver:
    • Phillips: PH0000/ PH000/ PH00/ PH0/ PH1/ PH2
    • Slotted: SL1.0/ SL1.5/ SL2.0/ SL2.5/ SL3.0/ SL3.5/ SL4.0
    • Torx: T2/ T3/ T4/ T5/ T6/ T7/ T8/ T9/ T10/ T15/ T20
    • Pentalobe: P2/ P5/ P6
    • Hex: H0.7/ H0.9/ H1.3/ H1.5/ H2.0/ H2.5/ H3.0/ H4.0
    • Y-type: Y0.6/ Y1.0/ Y2.0/ Y2.5/ Y3.0
    • Square: SQ0/ SQ1.0/ SQ2.0
    • U-type U2.0/ U2.6/ U3.0
    • Triangle: 2.0/ 2.3/ 2.5/ 3.0
    • BisonFone0.8
    • W1.5
  • (4x45mm) Screwdriver:
    • PH0
    • PH2
    • SL2.0
    • H2.0


  • Auto self-locking ratchet wheel orientation, with Dual Torque 0.15/3N.m working mode
  • Slim pen-shaped S2 aluminium alloy housing, easy to use.
  • Up to 8 hours continuous work time on a full battery charge
  • Continuous no-load for 2 hours, and endurance for 180 days.
  • 3 built in LEDs provide Shadowless light to illuminute your work
  • Comes with a magnetic project board, to keep your screws from rolling away
  • Automatic and Manual operating modes available
  • Screwing, Drilling and Threading multi-functions


  • 1x Electric Screwdriver
  • 1x Wowpad
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 56x Screw Bits
  • 1x Dock Charge Base
  • 1x Crowbar
  • 1x Sucker
  • 1x Magnetizer
  • 1x Storage Case


  • Material:S2 Aluminum Alloy
  • Battery Type:Lithium-ion Battery
  • USB Charge Type:Micro USB
  • Speed:200r/min
  • Charge Time:40min
  • Working Mode:Dual Torque 0.15/3N.m
  • Bits Size:4x28mm / 4x45mm
  • Weight:Approx. 280g