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WIZnet Ethernet HAT

by WIZnet

WIZnet Ethernet HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) is a Raspberry Pi Pico pin-compatible board that utilizes a W5100S chip. It supports both 3.3V & 5V.

Please refer to this link to find more information about W5100S.

Comes without headers, so you'll probably also want to pick up some stacking socket headers to attach it to your Pico. If you have pin headers sticking out of the back of your Pico, you'll want to solder the sockets to the top side of the ethernet board (that's the side with the ethernet connector on).


  • Includes W5100S
    • Supports Hardwired Internet Protocols: TCP, UDP, WOL over UDP, ICMP, IGMPv1/v2, IPv4, ARP, PPPoE
    • Supports 4 Independent Hardware SOCKETs simultaneously
    • Internal 16 Kbytes Memory for TX/ RX Buffers
  • Operation Voltage 3.3V / 5V
    • Built-in LDO (LM8805SF5-33V)
  • SPI Interface
    • 5V I/O tolerance
  • 10 / 100 Ethernet PHY embedded
  • Supports Auto Negotiation
    • Full / Half Duplex
    • 10 / 100 Based
  • Built-in RJ45 (RB1-125BAG1A)

Pin Description

I/O Pin Name Description
P VBUS Power supply, 4.3~5.5 Voltage
P 3V3 Power supply, 3.3 Voltage
P GND Power ground
I INTn W5100S Interrupt : Low activity.
I RSTn W5100S Reset : Low activity
I SPI0 TX SPI MOSI (Master Out Slave In)
I SPI0 CSn SPI Slave Select
O SPI0 RX SPI MISO(Master In Slave Out)

Technical Reference

Schematic & Part list & Gerber File

Dimension (Unit : mm)

  • 21 x 68 x 18 (mm)

Firmware Examples