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URM13 Ultrasonic Sensor

by DFRobot

DFRobot URM13 is an ultrasonic ranging sensor with open single-probe. It supports TRIG Pulse-triggered ranging (SR04 compatible), UART, and I2C communication protocols.

With a small and compact body, the sensor works well with 3.3V or 5V mainboards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi and it's easy to use and integrate into various applications. The UART mode employs standard Modbus-RTU protocol and integrates receive/send control output to allow users to easily expand the RS485 interface by using an external RS485 transceiver.

The URM13 is positioned to be a professional and advanced ultrasonic sensor. The integration of a new precision circuit design and smart detection algorithms on the sensor makes it much smaller and lighter, while still maintaining excellent sensitivity. At the same time, the URM13 sensor is able to automatically detect ambient and electrical noise, and complete the dynamic adjustment and calibration of sensor parameters in real-time, which ensures its stable performance in various complex application scenarios.


  • Small and compact body
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Automatic noise detection and real-time calibration
  • HC-SR04 compatible
  • UART and I2C interface, support to expand RS485


Power Supply 3.3~5.5V DC
Max Instantaneous Work Current 350mA
Operating Temperature -10℃īŊžīŧ‹70℃
Effective Measuring Range 15cmīŊž900cm
Resolution 1cm
Accuracy 1%
Measuring Frequency 10Hz Max
Dimension 22 x 20mm / 0.87 x 0.79”



  • URM13 Ultrasonic Sensor x1
  • 2.54 Black Single-Row 4PIN Connector x1