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Unit Cam Wi-Fi Camera (OV2640)

by M5Stack

Unit CAM M5 is a very cost-effective WiFi camera, with an ESP32-WROOM-32E control core + 2MegaPixel image sensor (OV2640)

The factory software integrates image transmission firmware, provides image data acquisition, image parameter (white balance, exposure, gain, size and other attributes) adjustment interface, users can directly acquire image data through UART or WiFi, and interact with the camera.

Support UIFlow graphical programming call, realize zero development, out-of-the-box user experience. The compact design and cost performance are suitable for various wireless camera application scenarios.


  • Simplified design
  • ESP32 control core
  • 2MegaPixel camera (OV2640)
  • UART communication (support image data acquisition, image parameter adjustment and other interfaces)
  • WIFI image transmission
  • Programming platform: ESP-IDF/Arduino/UIFlow


  • 1x Unit CAM


Resources Parameter
Flash 4M
Firmware default communication method UART: 115200bps 8N1
Camera OV2640
Maximum resolution 2MegaPixel
Unit CAM firmware default picture transfer rate 12fps
OV2640 supports output format YUV(422/420)/YCbCr422, 8-bit compressed data, RGB565/555, 8-/10-bit Raw RGB data
OV2640 supports the maximum image transfer rate UXGA/SXGA: 15fps, SVGA: 30fps, CIF: 60fps
DFOV 66.5°
Net weight 4.7g
Gross weight 5.3g
Product Size 45 x 20 x 12mm
Package Size 60 x 60 x 15mm