TS80P USB-C Smart Soldering Iron

Upgrade your soldering game with this nifty adjustable USB-C powered soldering iron, packed with futuristic smart features!

We love traditional soldering irons (and we sell our favourite one here) but the super smart TS80P really takes things to the next level!¬† It can heat up from room temperature to 300¬įC in a speedy 8 seconds and has an impressive 30W max output power.¬† It feels nice too, with a slender, light-weight machined aluminium body that's a lot easier to hold and manoeuvre around than the chunky plastic ones, especially for those of us with smaller hands.

It can be powered by USB-C charging plugs, power banks and mobile power supplies that comply with PD2.0 (12V 3A) standard (please note a power adaptor/power bank/cable is not included). We've found the ability to power it from a power bank really handy, as it lets you solder without being tethered to mains power - you could team it with this portable cleaner and stand for a powerful portable soldering station, perfect for maker spaces and emergency repairs.

It's not just capable, good looking and easy to carry around though - it's also clever! It's got a STM32 microcontroller under the hood, which will monitor the temperature of the soldering iron and automatically make adjustments to keep it at exactly the right temperature, as well as providing sleep, automatic power-off, and safety protection features, and there's an OLED display built into the handle so you can keep an eye on what it's doing.  The firmware is open source, so it's possible to customise it (or rewrite it completely) should you wish.

The TS80P comes with a new easy-push tip fastener - just push the front of the handle to loosen the soldering tip for a quick switch/replacement.  We sell replacement tips here and the TS80P can use the same tips as the TS80. The tips themselves have a ceramic heating core which allows for fast, precise temperature control.


  • Temperature¬†Range: 100‚ĄÉ-¬†400‚ĄÉ (Max)
  • Input: 9V 2A¬†(QC¬†3.0) / 12V 3A (PD2.0)
  • Power: 30W Max
  • Fastest heating time (from room temperature to 300‚ĄÉ): 8s
  • Data/Power¬†Interface: USB¬†Type-C
  • Temperature¬†stability: ¬Ī3%
  • Soldering Tip Resistance to Ground: <2ő©
  • Display: OLED
  • Length: controller: 96mm; tip: 100mm(60+40mm)
  • Weight:¬†38g¬†(power¬†adaptor¬†not¬†included); Tip: 14g¬†(B02 tip)
  • Other functions
    • Port protection
    • Sleep mode
    • auto off
    • customised boot logo
    • firmware upgrade
  • Certifications: CE,¬†FCC


  • Here are some power supplies/power banks that we've¬†used successfully with this soldering iron! You will need¬†a USB-C power supply¬†with Power Delivery 2.0 or later that's capable of outputting at least 30W.

    • Amazon Basics 30W
    • Anker PowerPort Speed PD30
    • Anker PowerPort I PD
    • Tommox TX-P245QD
    • UGREEN CD127
    • Powercore II Slim 10000
    • Zedure Supertank