Transistor Set NPN & PNP (100pcs)

by Velleman

Control your electronics in style with these mixed transistors. This handy set of 100 through-hole transistors covers a wide range of uses.

The kit includes eight different transistors in radial through-hole format. Ideal for breadboarding or soldering projects.

These components come in strips so you don't have to deal with a heap of loose components for storage - tidy!


 Part Number Type Max.
Max. Reverse
BC547B NPN 0.2A 50V 28
BC557B PNP 0.2A 50V 28
BC337 NPN 0.8A 50V 12
BC327 PNP 0.6A 50V 12
BC517 NPN (Darlington) 1A 40V 6
BC516 PNP (Darlington) 1A 40V 6
BD139 NPN 1A 80V 4
BD140 PNP 1A 80V 4