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Totem Maker Kit (975pcs)

by Totem

Totem structures are fast to build, which makes the system a great prototyping tool. Adjustable part length, a wide variety of connection methods, easily changeable and strong structures mean mounting motors and electronics has never been easier.

Makers around the world have shown that Totem system is perfect for:

  • Complex mechanical structures;
  • DIY projects.
  • Robots for hobby and education;
  • Prototypes;
  • Cases for electronics.
  • STEM education.

    The beams and boards in the Totem kit are designed to be customised by the user using the tools provided. The beams are 40cm long and can be cut every 1cm, while the boards are 10x10cm and can be cut every 5mm. They're made of a lightweight plastic, so they're easy to shape but still make sturdy structures. This means that you're able to build the exact structure you need, hold your project securely, and update it easily!

    The kit contains:

    • 975 building pieces:
      • 20 x Beams – L400 × H10 × H10 mm
      • 6 x Boards – 10x10cm
      • 345 x Brackets – split across 18 different bracket designs
      • 544 x Bolts and Nuts
      • Fillers – for nice corner finishing.
    • Informative assembly guide book.
    • Tools for shaping Basic building elements.
    • Small parts are provided in a convenient compartment box.

    Unique Totem Beam

    3-Dimensional Beams structure:

    • Nuts stay in structure: the special Totem Nut M3 10×6 stays in the structure of the Beam before Bolts are tightened!
    • Add elements or expand structures anywhere: special layout of slots and holes makes it a versatile element to construct any shape: its easy to expand a structure, by adding a beam or board or any other element at any point on your project!
    • Totem Grid: The Brackets and Nuts are 2×6 mm profile, and they fit into beams in 2 directions.
    • Bigger structures: join a few beams side by side together to make them thinner – the unique layout of beams slots allows you to join them at any point.
    • Unique invention: the invention of beams is unique and is protected by patent.

    Totem Tips: