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Supplementary Stereophonic* Speaker for Sea Shanty Shenanigans

by Pimoroni

We designed this speaker kit as an add-on to our Pirate Radio Kit, for stereo sound, but it'll work with any small audio board that you want to add a speaker to.

The kit comes with everything you need to put it together, apart from a screwdriver. The ends of the wires on the speaker are pre-tinned, so it's really easy just to pop them into our push-fit speaker terminals on pHAT BEAT.

These are the same speakers that we use in Pirate Radio and Picade, and they sound really decent for their size.

Kit includes

Note: this is just the speaker, and not the full Pirate Radio (click here if you want a Pirate Radio)

*This speaker is not stereo, but _does_ add stereo sound to your Pirate Radio, hence the name... plus it alliterates well :-)