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Stacking M2.5 Hardware Kit for STEMMA QT and RP2040 Trinkey

by Adafruit

Here is the perfect hardware kit to make a RP2040 QT Trinkey into any kind of USB-connected smart sensor with a QT-sensor-sandwich!

You can assemble it with just a plain Phillips screwdriver. Takes less than a minute to bolt on your favorite STEMMA QT or Qwiic board on top. And best of all, its stackable, so you could have multiple boards sandwiched on top of each other.


  • 4 x black nylon M2.5 M-F hex standoff
  • 4 x black nylon M2.5 hex nuts
  • 4 x black nylon M2.5 screw 4mm tall

Note: Neither Trinkey QT2040 nor sensor are included, just the nylon standoffs, screws, and nuts. You'll also definitely want a Stemma QT cable.