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Dual microB USB Power Cable

Want to use your new Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display but need to keep your GPIO pins free? This handy little cable is just what you need!

We love the Raspberry Pi touchscreen but we hate to block up our GPIO! That's why we had these lovely little cables custom made, we figured you might like them too.

It's just 25cm long and capable of providing 2A combined current across the two male microB USB connectors. Keep your project neat and tidy while providing all the power you need for your Raspberry Pi, touchscreen, and GPIO attached gubbins!

  • 2A of current shared between both connectors
  • 25cm long
  • High quality cable with moulded microB USB connectors
  • Supplies power only (no data lines connected)
  • Use it to run/charge two microB devices at once!

We recommend using this cable with the Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply.

Please note: Raspberry Pi and touchscreen display not included!