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SPI Breakout Garden Extender Kit (3 pairs)

by Pimoroni

Use these extenders with some female-to-female jumper jerky (available separately) to extend the reach of your Pimoroni SPI breakouts.

This kit contains three SPI Breakout Extenders, that you can slot Pimoroni SPI breakouts into, and three SPI Garden Extenders, that slot into Breakout Garden HAT with SPI. Connect them using female-to-female jumper jerky and extend where your breakouts go!

The SPI Breakout Extenders also let you use Pimoroni SPI breakouts without Breakout Garden by popping an SPI breakout into the socket and connecting them directly to your Pi, Arduino, or other micro controller with jumper jerky. You can also use the SPI Breakout Extender sockets directly in breadboards to use our SPI breakouts for prototyping.

Use the SPI Garden Extenders to use other SPI breakouts with Breakout Garden with SPI. They pop into the SPI slots on Breakout Garden and connect with jumper jerky to an SPI breakout.

If you don't already have some, then add some jumper jerky as an "Essential extra".