SparkFun MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Board - Double

by Sparkfun

The MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Board can be used to rapidly prototype with other Qwiic devices.

The MicroMod M.2 socket provides users the freedom to experiment with any processor board in the MicroMod ecosystem. This board also features two Qwiic connectors and eight 4-40 screw inserts to connect and mount Qwiic devices.

This version of the SparkFun MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Board features two ports for our standard 1in. by 1in. Qwiic breakouts. However, you aren't beholden to attaching just a duo of Qwiic breakouts since you are able to stack the boards on top of each other, allowing you to hook up a full circuit of Qwiic sensors and accessories to fully utilize your next project!

MicroMod is a modular interface ecosystem that connects a microcontroller “processor board” to various “carrier board” peripherals. Utilizing the M.2 standard, the MicroMod standard is designed to easily swap out processors on the fly. Pair a specialized carrier board for the project you need with your choice of compatible processor!

Get started with the MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Board Guide


  • 1x MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Board - Double
  • 1x Phillips #0 M2.5x3mm screw


  • M.2 MicroMod Connector
  • USB-C Connector
  • 3.3V 1A Voltage Regulator
  • Qwiic Connectors
  • Boot/Reset Buttons
  • Charge Circuit
  • Eight 4-40 Inserts


Hardware Documentation:

MicroMod Documentation: