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SparkFun MicroMod LoRa Function Board

by Sparkfun

The SparkFun MicroMod LoRa Function Board provides LoRA and LoRaWAN capabilities to your MicroMod project.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with a MicroMod Processor Board and a MicroMod Main Board, which provides the electrical interface between a processor board and the Function Board(s).

The LoRa Function Board utilizes the 915M30S LoRa module from EBYTE, which is a 1W (30dBm) transceiver based around the SX1276 from Semtech. There is a robust edge mount RP-SMA connector for large LoRa (915MHz) antennas; with modification, a U.FL connector is also available. SparkFun have successfully tested a 12 miles line-of-sight transmission with this module (test was performed under ideal conditions; individual user results may vary).

With the MicroMod standardization, users no longer need to cross-reference schematics with datasheets, while fumbling around with jumper wires. Simply, match up the function board's M.2 edge connector to the slot of the M.2 connector on the main board and secure the function board with screws.

Note: A MicroMod Processor, Main Board, and antenna are not included with this MicroMod LoRa Function Board. These parts will need to be purchased separately.

MicroMod is a modular interface ecosystem that connects a microcontroller “processor board” to various “carrier board” peripherals. Utilizing the M.2 standard, the MicroMod standard is designed to easily swap out processors on the fly. Pair a specialized carrier board for the project you need with your choice of compatible processor!

Get started with the MicroMod LoRa Function Board Hookup Guide


  • Board Features
    • M.2 MicroMod Edge Interface
      • Keyed Screw Slots
    • RP-SMA Antenna Connector
      • Configurable U.FL Antenna Connector
  • 1W 915M30S LoRa Module Features
    • Based on SX1276 chipset from Semtech
    • Frequency Range: 900 - 931MHz
    • Transmit Power: 28.5 - 30dBm (max)
    • Modulation: LoRa, FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, OOK
    • Data Rate:
      • FSK: 1.2 - 300kbps
      • LoRa: 0.018 - 37.5kbps
    • Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
  • MicroMod Peripherals Used
    • 5V Power
    • I2C Bus (EEPROM)
    • SPI Bus
    • GPIO (7 pins)


Hardware Documentation:

MicroMod Documentation: