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Soldering tip for TS100/TS101 soldering iron – B2 (Pencil)

Replacement tips for the TS100 soldering iron, with an internally-heated core. The heating element is built into the TS100 tips allowing for fast, efficient transfer of heat.

We've got a variety of differently shaped tips to choose from! The B2 is the conical all-rounder that the TS100 comes with and the bevel shaped BC2 is well suited for through hole soldering and dealing with chunky components. There's also a super-pointy I tip for ultra-precise, surface mount ninjas.

These tips will also work with the TS101 Smart Soldering Iron.


Tip shape Tip dimensions Length Weight
B2 Pencil ~0.5 mm 105mm 10.5g
BC2 Bevel ~3.5 mm 106mm 10.5g
I Super-fine Pencil ~0.2 mm 103.8mm 10.4g