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Engineer® Solder Sucker with silicone nozzle

by Engineer

A well designed, quality solder sucker pump - an innovative tool that yields excellent results.

A standard solder sucker needs to have a gap between the nozzle and board to avoid the heat of the soldering iron.

This solder sucker, however, comes with a replaceable silicone nozzle which can be positioned extremely close to the soldering iron tip, resulting in more powerfully suction/removal with less remaining residue.

  • 1 pc. of 50mm silicone tube supplied. Cut to length as required
  • Heat resistance: 350 centigrade
  • Inner diameter: 2mm

The SS-02 solder sucker pump comes with ONE piece of spare silicone tube (50mm long), which will yield about 7 'fresh' nozzles. The life of silicone nozzle much depends on amount of usage, but, we can say that you do NOT have to replace the silicon tube frequently *even* if you are a heavy user