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Skywriter: 3D Gesture Sensing Breakout

by Pimoroni

The big brother to the Skywriter HAT -  Skywriter adds 3D gesture sensing to your project!

Using our Python and Arduino libraries you can read off the positional data (x, y, z) and common gestures like flick left, tap, and double tap.


  • Electrical near-field 3D/gesture sensing
  • Senses from up to 10cm away!
  • Full 3D position data and gesture information (swipes, taps)
  • 3V3 or 5V compatible, all signals level shifted
  • Comes with 4 non-slip rubber feet and strip header to solder yourself
  • Dimensions 94mm x 122mm
  • Mounting holes!
  • Full Python (for Raspberry Pi computers) and Arduino libraries!

Because the sensing distance is up to 10cm you can mount your Skywriter behind a sheet of non conductive material (like acrylic or fabrics) and completely hide it inside your project.