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by Mission Control Lab

This board carries more than 50 microcontrollers and makes the ports accessible through a card reader!

Using your Arduino Nano, MKR series, Raspberry Pi Zero, Adafruit Feather and CLUE you can plug and play like never before. Changing and checking your code is always apart of the creation process, and can be challenging with all the wires, threads, tapes and clamps.

The Shuttle simplifies the disconnection of the microcontroller securely and safely from the rest of your project- fast.

Designed with classrooms in mind- several “Shuttled” microcontrollers can click in and out of projects giving individual access while working collaboratively on one main project, or while surveying how code works across many projects at once.

The Shuttle docks beautifully with the Station, for even more versatility and collaboration! Using Launchpads, the adaptor connectors, you can extend the capability of your project components- check out the Nexus set!

This variety comes with all available headers ready soldered