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SecurePi Case

by Elmwood Electronics

With included SD and USB/Ethernet/HDMI covers as well as its discrete cooling vents, this functional and attractive case will complement any Raspberry Pi 4.

The SecurePi Case was designed by Craig LeMoyne of Chicago Electronic Distributors / Elmwood Electronics and legendary designer Mike Doell.

Unique features:

  • Stunning design¬†
  • Cooling vents on the top of the case that work perfectly with the PoE HAT and Fan SHIM
  • Included¬†cover for the power/HDMI ports or the Ethernet/USB ports with a knock-out for Ethernet
  • Included cover for the microSD card
  • Clip together or screw together design.¬† Screws included if you want additional security, but the case holds together just fine without them if you want flexibility
  • Pass-throughs for GPIO, camera, and DSI cables
  • Viewing holes for onboard Raspberry Pi LED's