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scroll:bit MicroPython Learning Cards

by Pimoroni

This beautifully-designed set of learning cards for scroll:bit covers setting up your scroll:bit and micro:bit, and learning the MicroPython programming language with a series of activities.

The activities fit into Key Stages 2 to 4 of the curriculum, and cover a range of areas and concepts in computer science, using the MicroPython programming language, as well as creative tasks. The aim is for these cards to encourage self-guided learning, and they're ideal for code clubs, or summer holiday projects for your children.

Ten learning cards guide you through how to set up your scroll:bit, using the built-in functions like scrolling text and icons, and using the scroll:bit with the micro:bit's sensors. They build in difficulty from easy to more difficult concepts.

The activities are supported by video guides on our YouTube channel.

The cards cover:

  • Installing software libraries using Mu
  • Function references
  • Scrolling text strings
  • while True loops
  • Taking sensor readings
  • Displaying sensor readings
  • Using grid coordinates
  • Creating and using variables
  • Using random number functions
  • Calibrating a compass
  • For loops
  • Creating and retrieving information from lists
  • Using accelerometer data

Note that you'll need a micro:bit and scroll:bit to use these cards. They are not included with this pack.