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3.5mm Screw Terminal High-Temperature (pack of 10) – 2-Pole

Screw terminals with a 3.5mm pitch

We have these screw terminals made custom for us from a high-temperature plastic that is designed specifically to survive temperatures inside a reflow oven. They are ideal for the professional and the hobbyist alike.

As well as being suitable to reflow the high-temperature plastic also holds up against hand soldering and rework helping to minimise damage to the connector when heat is applied.

Available in 2 and 3-pin configurations these terminals are smooth-sided and moulded to sit next to each other in your project, so if you need a larger terminal connection you can easily build that up.


Pitch 3.5mm
Wire range 24-16AWG; 1.0mm2
Rated voltage 300V
Rated current 10A
Housing DuPont FR52G30NH PPA with 30% glass fiber
Contact block Brass, tin plated
Wire protector Stainless Steel
Screw M2, Steel, Zinc plated
Torque 2lb-in