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ScanaQuad Logic Analyzer & Pattern Generators – SQ50

by Ikalogic

ScanaQuad Logic analyzers and ScanaStudio software let you capture digital signals, analyze them in depth or generate test patterns. That will help you get your embedded system up and running, quickly!

Capture + Generate

ScanaQuad Logic analyzer lets you capture, generate or do both simultaneously.

Easily debug your serial interface or stimulate your circuit with test patterns and check its response.

Protocol Trigger

Complex multi-step trigger lets you target precise features of your data, like a specific I2C address or a CAN frame ID.

Trigger sequences can even be defined for proprietary protocols!

30+ Protocols

30+ protocol decoder scripts are open source and included by default. I2C, SPI, RS232, CAN, 1-WIRE, JTAG, you name it!

Browse and use existing decoders or create your own script.

Powerful and flexible Trigger!

ScanaQuad comes with state of the art hardware-side trigger engine that lets you define virtually any trigger sequence you can imagine. It can be a simple rising edge, or a combination of logic levels, edges, pulse widths, timing constraints that need to be met, and more.

The Drag-n-Drop interface is super easy to use. Want to give it a try? Download free ScanaStudio software and test-drive now!

ScanaStudio Logic Analyzer software

The all new ScanaStudio V3 lets you unleash the full power of your ScanaQuad logic analyzer!

  • Power packed - ScanaStudio comes with powerful analysis features like packet view, search and filtering of captured data, unlimited annotations, markers and measurements, data exportation options and more.
  • Future proof - ScanaStudio is designed with evolution in mind. New features are constantly added without cluttering the interface or disturbing its intuitive work flow.
  • Ready for your OS - ScanaStudio natively runs on windows, mac and linux. Download the latest version for your favorite OS

ScanaQuad series specifications

SQ50 SQ100 SQ200
Number of Input/output channels 4 4 4
Max. Sampling rate 50 MHz 100 MHz 200 MHz
Memory per channel 1M 2M 4M
Digital pattern generator
Mixed mode (Capture + Generate)
Input protection ± 12V ± 35V ± 35V
Trigger options Edge, Level, Pulse, arbitrary pattern , serial protocol Edge, Level, Pulse, arbitrary pattern , serial protocol Edge, Level, Pulse, arbitrary pattern , serial protocol
Adjustable in/out voltage
Adjustable input resistance
Open drain output with optional pull up
Differential input pairs 0 1 2

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