SandwichC Brick

by M5Stack

SandwichC is a "back-to-back" brick for M5StickC/ M5StickC-Plus/ Timer Camera X/ Timer Camera F to stack with Unit series.

The brick has 4 rows of different Unit fixing holes for different Unit models. 4-fixing holes are provided on both side of the Unit for easy stack.


  • 1x SandwichC Plastic Brick
  • 2x M3 Nuts
  • 2x M3 * 12mm Countersunk Head Screws
  • 1x M2.5 hexagonal spanner
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable (5cm)


Spec Parameter
Net Weight 2.6g
Gross Weight 10g
Product Dimensions 40 x 40 x 13mm
Package Size 90 x 135mm