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Rainbow HAT Learning Cards

by Pimoroni

An educational, fun, and thoughtfully-designed activity set for Rainbow HAT. This set is split into learning cards, project cards, and a booklet for teachers/adults with solutions and more detailed information.

The set of cards and the booklet fit into Key Stages 2 to 4 of the curriculum, and cover a range of areas and concepts in computer science, using the Python programming language, as well as creative tasks. The aim is for these cards to encourage self-guided learning, and they'd be ideal for code clubs, or summer holiday projects for your children!

Ten learning cards guide you through how to install and fit your Rainbow HAT, use the various functions (RGB LEDs, alphanumeric displays, touch buttons, temperature and pressure sensor, buzzer), and they build in difficulty from easy to more difficult concepts.

Two project cards bring together all of the concepts from the ten learning cards, challenging you to build a weather station display, and a colourful, animated rainbow!

The teacher's booklet gives more detail on the exact curriculum areas covered, installing the Rainbow HAT software, and code solutions for the tasks and projects.

These cards have been revised and updated to include further ideas for advanced use of the Rainbow HAT, and links to online activities and videos have been added.

The cards cover:

  • Installing libraries
  • Using strings
  • Reading sensors
  • Creating variables
  • MIDI notes
  • RGB colours
  • Controlling LEDs
  • Assigning actions and responses
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops

Note that you'll need a Rainbow HAT and a Raspberry Pi to use these cards. They are not included with this pack.