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Quad Servo Module for Yukon – Regulated

by Pimoroni

Drive four servo motors from your Pimoroni Yukon project, with either regulated or direct power.

The regulated module features the same step-down regulator as on our Bench Power module, capable of delivering 5A continuous. By default it will output 5V, but this can be increased to 6V and 7.4V by cutting one or both of the traces on the module's underside. There is a small VREG area on top where you can write the chosen voltage.

The direct module provides Yukon's voltage (5 to 17V) directly to your servos. This is useful for projects where you can tailor your power supply voltage to your servos (if making a walking robot for example). It also includes two analog inputs (with neighbouring 3.3V and ground) that can be used with feedback servos, or to attach sensors to measure grip or to detect ground contact.

Servos are sold separately.



  • 4 sets of header pins for connecting 3 pin hobby servos
  • TPS54A24 step-down converter (datasheet)
  • Selectable 5V, 6V, or 7.4V output via cut trace*
  • 5A continuous current (10A peak)
  • Board area for writing chosen voltage
  • Temperature and power good sensors
  • Fully-assembled (no soldering required)
  • Compatible with Pimoroni Yukon


  • 4 sets of header pins for connecting 3 pin hobby servos
  • Direct high power output
  • 2 x analog inputs for sensors (soldering required)
  • Fully-assembled
  • Compatible with Pimoroni Yukon


Pinout and Schematic




  • Measurements: 24mm x 20mm x 13.9mm (L x W x H).
  • * Cut either trace to raise the output voltage from 5V to 6V. Cut both traces to raise the output voltage to 7.4V. Yukon's input voltage needs to be greater than the chosen output voltage, otherwise the output voltage will match the input voltage.
  • These modules use either the RP2040's PWM hardware or PIO to control the servo outputs, depending on the code used. With PWM, only four modules can be used simultaneously (for a total of 16 servos), and they should be placed in Yukon Slots that do not share the same PWMs. PIO does not have this restriction letting all six slots be used (for a total of 24 servos), at the cost of using up a single PIO state machine.
    • PWM 0A/0B/1A/1B are on Yukon Slots 1 and 5
    • PWM 2A/2B/3A/3B are on Yukon Slots 2 and 6
    • PWM 4A/4B/5A/5B are on Yukon Slot 3 (5A/5B are also on GP26/GP27)
    • PWM 6A/6B/7A/7B are on Yukon Slot 4

About Yukon

Yukon is a high-power modular robotics and engineering platform, built around Raspberry Pi's formidable RP2040 chip. It has slots for attaching interchangeable hardware modules for driving combinations of devices such as motors, servos, steppers, and LED strips, all from one board!

Featuring an XT30 connector, Yukon can be directly powered off 2 to 4 cell LiPo batteries (or any other 5 to 17V source), to deliver up to 15A continuous for your high-power projects. An e-Fuse with switchable output protects the board, along with voltage, current, and temperature sensors that can be monitored by your programs.

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